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Virus Theater has been creating original theater since 1997. 

2019: The Green Bird by Carlo Gozzi, The Candy Shoppe Calamity*, Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison

2018: A Weasel in the Hen House*, Oeddy Wrecks* , Blatant Attempts At Understanding by Melanie Zipin, The Red Stilts

2017: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Blatant Attempts at Understanding* (staged reading)

2016: iCloud Everything*

2015: Snapshots*, based on the poetry of Bonnie Maldonado

2014: Ticker*

2011: Zocaloco*, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2010: The Tempest

2009:  Wrecked*, Wheelhouse*

2008: Picasso at Lapin Agile, Lifted*

2007: A Midsummer Night's Dream

2006: Macbeth, Let There Always of Course Be Me*

2005: Ditch (film)*

2004: Girls, Squirrels, and Other Worlds*

2003: Consider The Rain*

2002: Bottom Street*

2001: The Torrid Itch*

2000: Waking June*, Dust Falls*

1999: Gawallabugus*

1998: Chrysalis*

1997: Low, Down, Dirty*

1995: Bandito Street Blues* (formative years)

* indicates a collaboratively-devised Virus Theater original play.

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