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Virus Theater


Virus Theater was founded in 1997 after several years of experimentation in the small town of Silver City, New Mexico.  We are an ensemble theater company focused on ensemble-devised original theater and highly physical interpretations of classical theater works. The Virus Theater ensemble trains together and constantly stretches to create new works of imaginative theater. 


Virus Theater's mission is to create relevant original live theater that is accessible to our diverse community, and to provide educational opportunities for adults and children in the performing arts.


Our vision is to bring people together through theater to better understand our shared humanity and to inspire individual and collective growth.

Our home is El Sol Theater in downtown Silver City, a historic movie theater that we are renovating bit by bit into a full performing arts center.

2020 Virus Theater Ensemble

2020 Virus Accomplices: Heather Castello, Leah Chastain, Luis Felipe Feltrin, René Medina, Heidi Pendleton,

Claudia Porcelli, Kallidonia Renard, Robin Santa-Teresa, Sam Schramski, Jessa Tumposky, Kristen Warnack


Teen Accomplices: Joseph Castello, Minnie Metcalfe, Titus Metcalfe, Mauri Nelson, Sterling Wecks


Writers & Designers:  Colin Casler, Kelsey Patterson, Patrick Rogers, Douglas Shelton, Cece Stanford, Melanie Zipin


Company Photographers: Tyler Bingham, Bruce Bloy, Janey Katz


Artistic Director: Teresa Dahl-Bredine

Executive Directors: Jessa Tumposky, Kristen Warnack


Board of Directors: Teresa Dahl-Bredine, Denise Miller, Jessa Tumposky, Kristen Warnack

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