Theater is alive!

Virus Theater has been producing live, original theater in Silver City, NM for 20 years. We are committed to creating original works of theater relevant to our lives and the lives of our local audience. We collaboratively create original scripts through games, improvisation, exercise, and discussion. We bring elements of music, dance, and comedy to stories that delve into deep aspects of humanity and community.

We explore our vitality and our shadows in this process, so we can reach across the abyss to our fellow human beings - to understand ourselves, to understand one another, to understand our dynamic community, and to delve into the joys and pains of living so that our audience is provided with a new chance to understand themselves.

We begin rehearsals for a new original show with a blank slate – the dark stage, the empty theater, the seed dormant in the ground. We bring ourselves, all we have, to the rehearsal space. From there, we explore what it is we have to bring from inside ourselves out into the world, through physical, emotional, and narrative exercises. The possibilities are infinite at that point. The rehearsal process whittles away what is not necessary, leaving the seeds of what is most alive in each of us connecting with the aliveness of the group, our creative ensemble. We then have a basic shape, a feel for characters, and a loose story. Like alchemists, we blend these elements together to tell a story bigger than each individual, a story ready to burst out of the dark and connect with our audience. Then our work of honing intensifies - writing, reaching, playing, coloring, and cutting. Eventually, inevitably, time runs out and we must call it ready and share what we have with you.

Our approach to creation is to open up the dark spaces within ourselves, touch things sleeping there that long for life, bring them up to breathe, see what they are, then twist and pull and weave them together into a vision of our humanity. Thank you for joining us in this intimate AND communal journey!