El Sol Performing Arts Center - We found a home!

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Check out some of our local performing groups here:
Theater Group NM http://www.theatregroupnm.org/
Silver City Community Theatre http://silvercitycommunitytheater.com/

Through a hybrid business model, Virus Theater will partner with El Sol Theater LLC, which will hire a theater manager and provide a full performance schedule for the times when El Sol is not in use by Virus Theater.

We found a home!

We found a home! Virus Theater is fundraising and planning for the renovation and transformation of El Sol Theater into El Sol Performing Arts Center, a 200+ seat venue for theater, music, dance, and other performances, along with film screenings, conferences, festivals, and other presentations.

El Sol will also be a home to arts education programming, supporting our community's youth and adults in advancing skills in a variety of arts, including acting, playwriting, technical theater, dance, circus, music and more! Virus Theater will be the resident theater company at El Sol, and will be part of a performance schedule that includes other local theater companies, and local, regional and touring performers and presenters.